Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dark Chocolate!

So tonight was library staff knit night, super fun party times! babies and pineapple and chatterboxing! Apparently City library's policy is made by CRAZY PEOPLE and staff pay fines on their books there. AHAHAHA WHAT. WHAT. no seriously, what? That is outrageous. that is...2/3 of the reason for working in a library out the window right there. Oh City library. Why you so crazy. I will be over here in elitesville indie library land keeping my books out for five weeks and not paying a dime on them and collecting hilarious yarns (ha, ha) about the wacky patrons so I can write awesome memoirs. Not that this is relevant to knitting.

I'm actually really proud of myself because usually when there's a lot of people around talking I can't concentrate on anything more complicated than ribbing, but I was able to do about...1 1/2 cable repeats for my Evangelines AND set up the thumb. woooo! I'll finish the thumb tonight and then maybe take my bag-o-yarn to work tomorrow and start the second glove since I'm working a long day. (yes Kara I would LOVE to hang out after you and your dad get back from the play, as long as it involves sitting and watching movies because my back will probably be super sore)

Also: I like dark chocolate now. Alert the media! it goes really well with knitting, for some reason. However chocolate and green tea, not so much. but OMG I love the new kettle we have a work. it's electric and boils water crazy fast and I will never have to wait on the microwave again, hooray!

I had a great time tonight, I like the energy of knitting with a group and talking about the projects and everything, because there's so much self-doubt and obsessing and madness that goes into a project when you're just working by yourself and it's wonderful to be able to share anxieties and techniques and whatnot. a real sense of community! Thanks, everyone! :)

finally, tonight's life lesson: Friends, if you and your family ever accrue $600 in library fines, for the love of god, don't repeat your mistake and borrow a billion books and never return them and have to pay ANOTHER $600. For real real, not for play play.

Now I am going to finish this thumb.