Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I feel like I've reached a point in my knitting skills where I need to start making serious wearables. I love hats, of course, and I'll always make hats. Hats are awesome.

but I think I'd have to be held at gunpoint to make another scarf. I mean, unless it were a really nice pattern. and I would say it's because it's spring now, and the weather's getting warmer, but it has been soooo cold this month.

Anyway, I've been looking at books like Fitted Knits and Dominknitrix lately (thanks, library!) because they have good technical stuff and not just patterns, so I'm starting to break into this whole new world of yeah I have to make a gauge swatch and calculate pattern adjustments (thanks, boobs) and eventually I'll be able to make things that I can wear, that actually flatter me, and won't be like that dubious cardigan that's currently in huge, tent-like pieces on the dining room table. I have nightmares about trying to seam that horrible thing. I may try to get mom to do it for me...because the idea of all that finishing is euuurgh; and when it's done it may very well not fit me at all and then I'll have to find some poor unsuspecting friend to dump it on.

Whatever, cardigan. I'm working on a much more fun project now, a Razor cami, and after an epic battle of wills between me and the pattern in which I decided that the K1 listed at the end of the lace repeat is a flagrant error because it would give me 13 stitches on the last pattern repeat and I'm working with a multiple of 12 stitches and it would shift the pattern and make it look all froogly (as it did when I made a practice run on the lace pattern with a disgusting skein of sage green red heart super saver). So I'm ignoring that last K1 and now the lace on the actual camisole is going swimmingly. hoorah! With this pattern there have been a LOT of people who've done mods to the neckline and straps and such, and I'm thinking I'll be among them. For one, I'd like to have the straps wider, both to cover bra straps and to have a more classic steampunky look over or under a corset. Since I went up a size from the pattern (still need to try it on before I get too into it to see if it's going to fit) I'll have 14 repeats of 12 stitches and I might see if the neckline would work better if I divided it as 8 and 6 for the front and back instead of in half...need coverage for the girls. We'll see.

At the moment, I've just spliced in the second skein of this delicious KnitPicks Shine Sport I'm using. hooah!

Lost tomorrow (yay Hurley and Miles 70s comedy hour!), and I've got the lace pattern memorised so I will have noooo problem working on this baby during the show. ^_^