Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Out with the old...

I really have to keep up with this whole blogging thing better.

More importantly, I've finally given up on The Sweater That Would Not Die, which you may remember as the one I started in november of 2007, good lord, and kept hacking away at even though I quickly realized I didn't like the pattern and I thought no, wait until it's done and then see how you like it....

yeah it's horrible. after finishing the pieces and blocking it and realizing that there's no way in hell that huge amount of fabric is going to fit me in any way whatsoever, I bundled it up and let it languish in the dining room until a few days ago.

Mom and I sat down and finished watching EZ's knitting workshop DVD, and along the way I decided once and for all that the first sweater I make should not be, nor ever have been, a piecemeal thing with seams. I hate seams! I hate sewing! Knitting in the round is so much easier and I did that shrug entirely without seams and it's gorgeous and fits me like a glove, and I could find a much better use for all that red yarn, which is not all that horrible. (Lion Brand wool-ease)
So we frogged all those pieces of cardigan like there was no tomorrow, and now instead of a huge pile of big floppy pieces there's several neat little balls that look a lot like pomegranates, and I am going to find a better pattern and make a Better Sweater.
I think I finally have closure. :D of course I have a few other summer projects to do before I think of knitting cold-weather items, so that yarn's going to sit around for a while, but it will be something more beautiful, and more loved.
Current Projects: Karma tank from Custom Knits in Berocco NaturLin (purchased at Knitty Couture, thanks for the advice Thi!), Juliet scarf in white silk. Good lord that silk sheds like anything. But I made the pretty rosette pin!