Friday, May 1, 2009

Razor Cami.

Okay. this camisole is taking much longer than it really should because I also have a ton of books I ought to be reading, and in the case of House of Leaves this is taking up most of my waking hours, damn you Danielewski.

but! I've finished the main body of the cami and I need to divide the back and front now. I haven't decided what mods to do for the straps yet, since I want them wider, and maybe placed farther any case, mum bought me some lovely birthday yarn that I'm going to use to do a shrug to match, once I finish this piece. yay!

Tonight endril and I are popping in to candypoodle's knitting group, since this week it's just around the corner. Divided the front and back pieces, now it is extremely awkward to knit as I can't seem to find suitable straight needles in size 4. boo. ah well!

ETA: aww, what a fun group! found the right size straights just before I left so I can work on the front, but unfortunately I added a stitch somewhere in a pattern row and noticed it after knitting like three more rows, and had to undo it all. bah! it's fixed now, though, and I'm continuing work on the front. My tension is off, now that I have to purl. I hope this won't be too much of a problem, although I can always block it.