Thursday, February 19, 2009

my red cardigan (which I'm so sick of) is my new Lost knitting night project, since it's so mindless. It worked out pretty well last night, though there were still a few mixups with the stitch count, probably due to the fact that mum and I were helping Kara with her baby blanket. And also I was engrossed in Ben's Totally Random Asskicking. What happened to that guy? (my guess is he tried to kill Penny like he said he would, and Desmond beat the hell out of him. although I think he might be more messed up if that were the case) In any case, HILARITY.

I'm at 87 sts on the second sleeve, so less than 20 rows to go, now. I need to get this finished, I want to say before next week, so I can start on something actually fun. like more fingerless gloves!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


FINISHED the right glove last night after Lost (omg I love being right about that show), and it has far fewer mistakes than the left one despite the fact I had to go back and take out three rounds because I'm a doof and forgot the modifications I made to the pattern. They look good! and they're warm as heck, which is the important thing.

Tomorrow I'll weave the ends in and not block them because....I don't like blocking anything. and take pictures! yay pictures!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mysterious Mysteries (and cables)

I could easily get to be a cable addict. The Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret was a wonderful introduction and my current project is a pair of cabled fingerless gloves for my girlfriend. I will make more. So many more. I enjoy the idea and imagery of cables, twisting in and out in a confusing mess but eventually making something coherent, and they look so much more complicated than they actually are.

Going with that metaphor, I'm going to try and finish up The Shadow of the Wind since I've had that on my currently reading shelf on goodreads for ages and ages, and I actually got a copy for christmas and yet I still haven't finished it. This book is a little more complicated than cabled knitting, and I expect I'll have to back up a bit to figure out what the hell was going on when I left off. But still, it's wonderful. So many stories interwoven and seemingly random elements coming into play, and deep down it's all about love (aren't most things, really?). It almost makes me want to start investigating the mystery shelves at work...but I don't know if I'm cut out for traditional mysteries. Take for example, my turbulent love affair with Lost.

I've stuck with the show, though season three was hard on me, because I love the moody, mad world of Lost and that's kept me interested even when the writers and producers seemed hell-bent on making it a show about Everyone Has Daddy Issues And Who Is Kate Going To Hook Up With. Please. I'm so glad the show has finally come out, as it were, as a sci-fi series, because I felt that's what it was all along, instead of a network soap opera drama.

Lost has also been a great knitting show up until recently. Now that there's actual (seriously awesome) time travel, I can't half pay attention to Someone's Troubled Past and be merrily clicking away on a project. However the Lost team has helpfully provided last week's eps with those stupid pop-ups for people who have never seen the show before, and those are wonderfully easy to ignore and keep my antsy hands busy knitting while waiting for the new ep.
I'm back on the bandwagon again, so much so that I've even checked out that fake novel Bad Twin in an effort to search for clues. I've heard it's not that good. But we'll see.

Today's agenda: Knit during my lunch break with Kara, attempt to finish the second Dashing glove tonight. Reward myself with more Ruiz Zafon.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Somebody Help I'm Trapped Inside A Complaint Box

So essentially this blog is going to be limited to my knitting projects for easier Ravelry updates. Of course I'll probably put book reviews here as well, since that is pretty much how I spend my time these days. Well. And cooking.