Sunday, August 23, 2009

I can't wait until fall.

I feel bad that I haven't been knitting as much lately, but the weather is hopefully going to stay cool for a bit, so I can work on my sweater. Yes, I need to block some scarves, and finish that tank top, but the sweater is, so far, a nice bit of easy circ stockinette knitting and I can work on it while I watch Mad Men, which is awesome (both the show and the ease of knitting while watching).

when is it going to be in the 60s? I want to be able to knit heavier things without dying!

Monday, August 3, 2009


After the orgy of yarn-purchasing yesterday, I spent most of this afternoon wrangling a lovely swift that Sue brought to work. Otherwise, there was no way in hell I'd be able to get that giant skein of Baruffa Cashwool into something workable for my Triinu scarf. But I prevailed! after hours of work and a nap in between tries. XD And then I balled up....pretty much all my other yarn, or at least everything I'll need for upcoming projects. woohoo!

Also I've finished eight repeats of the Raha scarf out of a total twelve listed in the pattern, but it's getting pretty long as is right now. (news flash: using a bamboo blend for a lace pattern: IT STRETCHES. oh lol) Since I don't want my gf to drown in this thing, I might stop it at nine. that should be good.

Other things I've learned today: The History Channel has finally, FINALLY got some new programming that does not suck. Sure, I miss the good old days when every other program was about the Civil War, or Hitler, but they've got a diverse audience now! and I need something more in my life than freaking Ice Road Truckers, which I will never watch, ever, and there is no way on god's green earth you can tell me that belongs on the history channel. it's crappy reality programming! just because they filmed it in the winter doesn't make it historical!

But tonight, oh joy, I sat (or rather stood by the swift, winding) engrossed through Sex in the Ancient World: Pompeii, which is fairly close to my heart since Pompeii was the setting of the first-year Latin books we had in sixth grade, and it's just hilaaaaarious what they left out. Friday's episode on ancient Egypt should be just as salacious, if not more. And then I watched Clash of the Gods, which is the basic mythology show with a focus on human psychology and how that informs the creation of these immortal figures, and what I like immensely is the visual style of it, very striking character design for the actors "reenacting" the lives of the gods to make the divine archetypes more relatable to a human audience and at the same time clearly otherworldly and awesome. Whoever did the hair and makeup on that show deserves an Emmy.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Stash Just Exploded!

And by Exploded I mean there was a massive yarn sale at the Myers House Weaving Department and I spent a ton of money there, om nom nom yarncakes.

I now have laceweight yarn for my Triinu scarf! OMG! only ravelry lists it (Baruffa cashwool) as cobweb, jeeeeesus that is thin and I hope I don't have to use two strands together. it's gonna be gorgeous. Dark green soft as sin merino which I'll turn into a gorgeous Estonian lace scarf and drape around me like an elvish princess. mmmmm.

Also, joy of joys! I found more Classic Elite Premiere there! I bought two hanks of this lovely spring green at Knitorious, those were the last two they had, and in my foolishness I hadn't really thought about the fact that that is not enough yarn with which to make anything substantial, garment-wise. I scoured other LYSes for months trying to find more (nothing at Knitty Couture, Knit and Caboodle had it, but not the color I needed, no one on ravelry had any to trade or sell, etc) until today, where there was a whole shelf full of the stuff, and TONS of the spring green. Biggest shocker of the day? I got home with my stash, four new hanks of Premiere, and get out my old balls and their tags to discover that it's the SAME DYE LOT. whaaaat?!

I repeat, joy of joys. And I rode that high straight to the JoAnn way the hell out on Manchester where mom and I found a copy of French Girl Knits (I reeeally need to return the library's copy) and it was purchased at 40% off, and I'm going to make the Delphine Lacy Cap-Sleeved Top in beautiful bright spring green pima/tencel blend.

I also got some bargain barn yarn (sooo much fun fur in there, oh god) at 75% off, five balls each of some Crystal Palace Shimmer (in sparkly navy) and something nordic called Svale I've never heard of, but looks fairly nice. it's a sort of a pale grey. lovely.

the day of yarn continues! Kara and I are going to hang out and watch Brideshead Revisited (the real version, not that new movie) and work on our respective lace scarves. ta!