Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grotto Wrap - Knitting Daily

Grotto Wrap - Knitting Daily

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So maybe I should be doing something besides ogling our copy of Interweave, but...free pattern!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lacy days

It seems like everywhere I turn lately there is some lace action going on. I suppose it's a summer thing, knit something light and airy so you're not being crushed by a giant woolen sweater in the July heat. So, with that in mind, I picked up the Juliet scarf again, which has lain dormant for a little bit while I was working on my Karma tank/watching Star Trek/having my dear girlfriend come for a visit.

I think I'm finally getting this whole wacky "chart" thing. I mean I still kind of hate charts with a passion and they make my eyes hurt, but the pattern on this scarf is simple enough to memorize and I've finally gotten a good grasp on why the chart symbols are the way they are, so I think I won't be slowed down on this scarf anymore. The yarn is still a bit sheddy but I think that's the needles, they're getting a bit dull and perhaps now that I have the pattern down I could switch to something smoother, like a knit picks harmony, and not have this sticking problem. I love the color, though, it works well with my skin.

Now I think there will be more lace in the future...I want to work with finer yarn! this silk is like...sportweight, and I like it for this scarf, which is not, say, the ultimate in lace artistry, but I've also been eyeing Estonian scarves and such and I think I'd want a finer yarn for something like that.

Also also, I started reading Let The Right One In a couple days ago (I LOVED the movie) and it's so...bleak and Scandinavian, it makes me want to design a lace project for it. that might just be a pipe dream. For now I've got 3 repeats of this scarf done, and I am dead tired. ^_^