Friday, June 4, 2010

Knit-a-longs are fun!

But I knit way, way too fast. XD I feel a little bad that I've got this honking great shawl already and the rows take forever and some people haven't even started theirs yet. :/ this is the Supernatural summer KAL/CAL/WAL where we fill the lonely weeks until season 6 with knitting, and try and stave off withdrawal by watching some of our favorite episodes. Since I'm new to the fandom and watched all of SPN in about two months, the withdrawal is hitting me hard and I've already broken down and started watching Dark Angel just because Jensen (tiny tiny baby Jensen with bad hair!) is in the second season. woe is me.

However, I kind of want to finish this shawl before next week, since I'll be moving, and the fewer WIPs to worry about, the better.