Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back to Knitting

NaNo went off pretty much without a hitch, I've been doing a bit of editing here and there, mostly to just fill in scenes that I  had to skip over in order to get to the end of m story by the end of November.  I had a great time visiting home for a few days for christmas, and now I'm back to a lace knitting binge that I just adore. I'm determined to finish this Triinu scarf within the next few days, possibly get it done before Girlfriend gets back from visiting her relatives in Minnesota.
Triinu Progress:
I'm on lace repeat 23 out of 29. After that I have to set up and do the top edging, and then, ACK, unravel the provisional cast-on and pick up those stitches and do the bottom edging. That part is terrifying to me, as I've never really done a provisional cast on before.
Well, that's a lie, I tried one recently to make a little model top-down in the round sweater that was doll-sized, and that worked out fine, but the Cashwool I'm making the scarf with is SO SO FINE and I'm worried about the cotton I used for the provisional. I hope it doesn't destroy my stitches, because that would kill me. I will just have to take deep calming breaths and possibly have a glass of wine handy when the time comes. I can do this.
Meanwhile I will return to sitting in one place for hours on end, making nupps. HOORAY NUPPS.

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