Friday, January 7, 2011


holy crap, Knitpicks. I love you.
So I ordered my big massive "I'm going to get this needle set and finally feel like a capable and prepared knitter" order, and I did that on the fourth, and spent my christmas gift card on it and it was lovely and wonderful and I also ordered The Knitter's Book Of Yarn, which I adooooore and I'm so glad to have a copy of my own. Also assorted sundries, but no actual yarn since...I have a ton of stash overflowing a dresser drawer and I need to bust that thing.
anyway, I placed this order late at night on the 4th and it came TODAY!!! super quick, I'm amazed at the service, and the needles (Options Harmony set) are gloriously perfect and look to have no faults or splinters or anything. YUM. Also there are sock blockers. SOCK BLOCKERS. Literally nothing in standing in the way of my making a ton of socks and never stopping.
Knitter's Book Of Yarn: said softcover on the website, and I was like errr, okay, that's a big honking book and paperback would be chancy since the binding could start to fail, with that many pages, but at that price I was not going to quibble. (I love their book sale) aaand I get the book? IT'S HARDCOVER. JOY OF JOYS.

Basically right now I'm high on knitting supplies and just bouncing off the walls and I want to nom on things and go YAAAAARN like some knitting zombie. it's not a pretty sight. oh wait I mean it's an AWESOME sight.
Also later today I'm gonna make a freaking brownie pie. I feel great. YARN YARN YARN.


  1. It is an awesome sight! I ordered some books too b/c I need more projects. So exciting!

  2. I'm also very glad that the book sale is continuing for so long. There are some definite gems that I passed up because I was getting the harmony set and that took the bulk of the gift card. Another order might be in the works. :)